Pretty Salon & Dollfaced Eyelashes - Scottsdale, Arizona

Care Instructions

Hair Extensions

Dear Hair Extension Client, proper cleansing of hair and hair extensions is a must to keep hair oils down to a minimum. Brushing and loose braiding when sleeping will protect and extend the life of the extensions. Avoid chlorinated water, salt water and any other harsh chemicals that may damage extensions.


“The Brazilian Blowout”

It is important to keep your hair conditioned and moisturized. Only use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.


Eyelash Extensions Before & After

Please come to your appointment with clean eyes and no make-up. For the first 24-48 hours do not get eyelashes wet or use saunas, Jacuzzis etc. It is further recommended to skip the gym as sweating can cause the lashes to clump if the glue hasn’t fully cured. Avoid all oil based make-up and cleansers as the oil breaks down the bond of the glue. Make sure to wash your eyelash extensions several times a week to avoid eye infections and dirt/debris build up. You may do this by lathering an oil free cleanser in your hands and then gently touching eyelid and lashes with fingertips before rinsing. Immediately after washing lashes when they are still wet, use mascara wand (given to you at your appt) to re-shape your lashes and then use a blow dryer in upward motion on low to dry them in to shape. Try to sleep on your back as to not “mash” the lash. Do not rub your eyes or try and remove extensions yourself as this can cause damage and premature shedding of the lash. Do not use eyelash curlers or have them permed while extensions are on. Other than cleansing and re-shaping, do your very best not to touch and play with them!


Spray Tanning Before & After

Come to your appointment with clean and exfoliated skin. Don’t wear any make-up, lotions, perfumes or deodorant. Wear dark loose fitted clothing. You may undress to your own comfort level. We provide disposable hair cap, sticky feet and thong underwear if desired. You may bring your own undergarments to tan in or swimsuit, Just remember the solution could cause staining to your clothing so keep that in mind. After your appointment do not get your new spray tan wet. Your tan specialist will tell you when it is the appropriate time for your first “rinse”. The “rinse” consists of showering in cool to warm water until the topical bronzer is gone and water runs clear. Do not use sponges or loofas as this can cause uneven fading. It is recommended to use your hands as wash cloths to maximize the life of the tan. Moisturizing is such an important part of maintaining your tan. Use a generous amount of lotion twice daily.